Rajat Gupta

Cognitive Coach

Cognitive Coach, Heartfulness Meditation Trainer, Software Engineer and cognitive science expert. Rajat Gupta is one of the most experienced and highly rated Cognitive coaches from Brighter Minds and trains kids to develop Intuitive Sense. 

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Rajat Gupta (Cognitive Skills Coach)

"Relax your Mind, listen to your heart, you will reach your Goal"
                                                                                                                                       -- Rajat Gupta (Cognitive Coach)

Rajat Gupta is a software Engineer, Cognitive Coach, Heartfulness Meditation Trainer, and cognitive science expert. He is one of the top Cognitive coaches from Brighter Minds and trains kids to develop Intuitive Sense. 

He spends his time interacting with people of different age groups and inspires them to listen to the call of the heart and practice meditation. 
    His work on developing Intuitive Senses in kids is mesmerizing. He is famous for creating inner balance in kids. His Brighter Minds Alpha program has helped kids increase their focus, attention, creativity, confidence, Empathy and Intuitive sense. 

He is famous for his skill to train kids on blindfold activities, color recognition, book reading, and several unbelievable activities like reading letters inside an envelope.

He believes a child's brain can do wonders if they can learn to relax themself in a joyful and positive environment.    

Rajat Gupta is also famous for his 30-day Restart program for middle-aged people.  
​    A 30-day activity-led exploration of exercise, nutrition, novelty, sleep, challenge, creativity, and meditation for those who want to stay young at heart and in thought, ability, and action. Designed to help fight age-related cognitive decline, RESTART helps keep those neurons firing no matter what your age.
This program is very effective for IT professionals and helped them improve on stress levels and sleep.

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The brain is highly mouldable, especially in children — as they grow, the kind of external stimuli they are continuously exposed to shapes their cognitive functioning. Neuroscience research proves that just like we exercise different parts of our body, exercising different parts of the brain can enhance multiple aspects of cognitive function.

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